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No swing sets or jungle gyms needed.  This playground is for BEAUTY JUNKIES

Indulge yourself with a luxurious head massage, using shampoo and conditioner tailored to your own needs or curiosities....FREE

Then, tell us whats most important about your hairstyling routine.   We will listen and recommend  an assortment of products for your needs.  You will be placed at a drying station where you can play with all of those products on your own...FREE

or, you can have one of our trained professionals do it for you for a fee.

Thats just our haircare,  silly!  Wanna play with a bit of makeup or skincare?  YAHOO!!! have at it!

What happens when you mix Fashion, Hollywood and a celebrity hairstylist?...you're welcome!

What does fashion,  Hollywood and a celebrity hairstylist have in common?.....you're welcome!

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