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Shampoo Workshop may seem like an odd name for a store and a hair product.   But, the story behind it represents two families coming together for one cause. 

Im an accomplished hairstylist of 23 years behind the chair.  My resume would be impressive to any week,  celebrities,  film festivals,  tv, print..etc.  But, even with these credentials,  i am helpless trying to fight my own daughter's alopecia (an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss).  Its like being a mechanic and my child has the only car that i can't fix!

So, i worked with a chemist to attempt to cure it.  It was an epic failure on my part.  The ingredients chosen for the project were meant to stimulate , sanitize,  and strengthen the hair and scalp.  Mission accomplished.    But, fighting an autoimmune disorder is far beyond the scope of the product.  What it did do, however,  was allow my daughter to go longer in between shampooing.   When you have hair loss, shampooing can be a time for anxiety. 

So, i decided to turn my garage into a space to work on the product.   It was my workshop.  55 gallon drums, scales, mixers, buckets..etc.   It became the Shampoo Workshop!

My friend (and now partner) Ali Levine,  was showcasing a variety of natural products on television.   I had sent her a jar of it because she was breastfeeding and only used natural products.   She insisted on having the product on her showcase.  But, i was too embarrassed to do it.  These products are hand my kids! Its a requirement to we did.  Lol


Ali was insistent on marketing the conditioner.   She had given cases of it to celebrity clients and friends.   All of which came back for more! 

But, i never set out to become a hair product manufacturer.   My intention was , and is to help.

So, Ali and i created a store to sell the conditioner..and called it the Shampoo Workshop.  Its a blowdry bar, salon,  and beauty retail store dedicated to helping the needs of churches, schools and charities throughout the country.